A brief guide about the Bonnie Crest neighborhood real estate market in New Rochelle.

Located in Westchester County just outside of New York City, New Rochelle is one of the prime cities in the region for real estate and houses. The city of New Rochelle boasts close proximity to the nation’s largest and most dynamic city, excellent schools and amenities and a top-notch transportation system. New Rochelle houses remain affordable and come in a wide array of options, including single-family homes, apartments and condos.

One of the top neighborhoods for real estate in New Rochelle is Bonnie Crest. Named by Westchester Magazine as one of the county’s top neighborhoods, Bonnie Crest offers much to love. The neighborhood, located in the northern part of New Rochelle just outside the Wykagyl business district, boasts affordable housing prices, a miniscule crime rate, a robust housing inventory, and quiet, tree-lined streets that evoke a charming suburb or small town. The neighborhood offers close proximity to downtown New Rochelle as well as New York City. Quiet yet close enough to the action, Bonnie Crest is ideal for young professionals, families, retirees and everyone else in between.

Bonnie Crest is unique in that it is divided into two distinct yet charming sections. The neighborhood’s newer area offers a wide array of post-war era homes and apartments and boasts some of the city’s most affordable real estate options. The older section of Bonnie Crest offers prospective homebuyers and investors Tudor and Colonial style homes that date back to the early 20th century. While more expensive than the neighborhood’s newer homes, these houses are nothing short of stunning and considered among the most desirable real estate in Westchester County.

With its affordability, small-town charm and plentiful housing options to choose from, Bonnie Crest ranks among the most sought after of New Rochelle’s neighborhoods and is the perfect place to buy a new home or invest in real estate property.

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Which Neighborhoods offer the best values in the New Rochelle real estate market?

Those looking to relocate to the New York City area have a wide array of great towns and cities to choose from. The region boasts a strong real estate market and plenty of amenities and attractions for residents. One of the top cities in the area is New Rochelle in Westchester County. New Rochelle offers a wide variety of apartments and houses to choose from in its many neighborhoods. From downtown to suburban, New Rochelle’s neighborhoods offer something for everyone along with great schools, restaurants, shops and other amenities.

One of the top neighborhoods in New Rochelle is Bayberry. Home to a bevy of apartments and houses to choose from, Bayberry is an upscale neighborhood in the city’s northern end that boasts many recreational facilities like a tennis courts, swimming pools and a day camp.

Another great neighborhood in New Rochelle is Beechmont. This neighborhood, centered around beautiful Beechmont Lake, is a quiet and homey section perfect for retirees, families, young professionals and everyone else in between.

Cherry Lawn offers some of the top real estate in the city of New Rochelle. This neighborhood, among the newest in the city, is anchored by a central green space that acts as a social and commercial hub for the neighborhood. A modern and comfortable neighborhood, it offers many houses and apartments to choose from.

The neighborhood of Davenport Neck is a historic, charming area that juts out into the water. Home to some of the priciest real estate in the city, this upscale enclave boasts some of the best views in the city and is renowned for its elegance and historic ambience.

Finally, Premium Point and Premium Point Park live up to their names as some of the city’s finest real estate. These quiet, gated communities offer a sense of security and extensive greenery in the city. For those who can afford them, they rank as some of New Rochelle’s top neighborhoods.

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Why Should A Home Buyer Purchase A Home In The New Rochelle Residential Real Estate Market?

New Rochelle, New York is a neighborhood that is known for having some of the most expensive real estatearound. In addition to new construction, there are alreaddy around 11,000 homes, including apartments and condos, in New Rochelle. Although the area has expensive real estate, the current home buying market has taken a plunge and these homes are available for much less.

New Rochelle has some of the most expensive real estate in the nation. While this statement is generally true, there has been an increasing number of condos in downtown New Rochelle go up for sale due to new construction outside the city proper. These condos sell for around $300,000 each, which has taken the housing market down from $700,000 on average a year ago to $500,000 now.

What does this mean for the person considering a move to New Rochelle? It means you can save a substantial amount of money on a home purchase in the city right now. For the single who wishes to move into the city, there are several condos and townhouses available. The larger single-family homes are just outside the city and many of these estates go for several million dollars. While much of the city and surrounding suburbs are developed already, there is still land for sale in certain areas. This will allow a potential homeowner to purchase a piece of land and build new construction on their land. Building is generally cheaper than purchasing an existing home, and you can personalize new construction.

There are many housing possibilities available in New Rochelle, New York. From condos and townhomes in the heart of the city to multi-million dollar estates in the outlying suburbs, this city is full of possibilities. Several suburbs still have land available for the person or family that is interested in new construction and customization. Visit www.newrochelle.com for more information about home ownership in this great city.

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Should I Rent Or Should I Buy An Apartment In New Rochelle?

New Rochelle, New York is an up and coming neighborhood located in Westchester County. This city has a reputation for having some of the most expensive real estate in the United States. Condos and townhomes, that are located in the heart of the city, are going for as much as $300,000 each. Condos are a great way for a single who is considering home ownership to get his or her feet wet.

The average price of a home in New Rochelle, NY is around $500,000, which is down from $700,000 just a year ago. The most expensive homes are located just outside the city and can cost upwards of several million dollars. In addition to purchasing a home or a condo or townhome, there are many apartments for rent in New Rochelle.

For a single who is trying to determine which area of NY he or she would like to live, consider getting one of the apartments in New Rochelle. This is a great way to live in the area you want to live in without having a huge monthly mortgage payment. Apartment living can also be a way for you to save money for a down payment on a home. By using www.newrochelle.com as your guide, you can locate several real estate agencies that have apartments New Rochelle, NY.

With the option to rent a property before deciding on making a purchase, you have the ability to determine whether or not a neighborhood is the right fit for you and your needs. Additionally, renting an apartment is economical and a great way to save money for that future home purchase. There are plenty of apartments in New Rochelle, NY.

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The Holiday Season in New Rochelle

There’s nothing like the holiday season in Home Town, USA. New Rochelle’s got lots of things going on throughout the month of December. If you’re bored on weekend, you can probably find something interesting happening that you can take advantage of. Here are just a few of the happenings this December.

Craft-Tastic is taking place on December 4th in nearby Pelham. This is one that you won’t want to miss! You’ll be able to get original, interesting gifts for everyone on your list at this handmade craft festival. Most of the gifts will be made by local artisans. You can purchase affordable holiday gifts and support locals at the same time!

On December 5th, you can enjoy the Make a Gift Fair put on by the Business Improvement District in downtown New Rochelle. This is a great event for the entire family. There is also a world holiday music exhibition on this day, so you can enjoy great music and good times together.

Early in December, the Holiday Programs by the BID will really start happening with the tree lighting in the downtown area. Kick off the holiday season with a mug of hot chocolate and your family gathered around the community Christmas tree.

Throughout the month of December, there will be all sorts of family events downtown in New Rochelle. There will be fun movie nights as well as adult movie nights with more thought provoking fare. Of course, don’t forget about the live events and music programs that are going to be happening throughout this time.

The culturally diverse New Rochelle often has cultural events around the holiday season, as well. Many times, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah are celebrated nearly as much as Christmas. The kids can really learn new things about other cultures with these programs.

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November Happenings in New Rochelle

There’s always something going on in New Rochelle, so it’s a good idea to plan what you want to go to a month ahead of time at least. November, like every other month, is packed with things to do. Here are just a few of the things that are going on in November in New Rochelle.

On November 6th, the Arts Center is having its annual Studio Café fundraiser. The funds from Studio Café are used to support the free and cheap programs for the community at the Arts Center, so you can benefit your community and have a good time by coming. The Pelham Jazz Ensemble will provide the entertainment for the night. The real fun, though, will be the silent auction. You’ll bid on baskets and packages for all sorts of things – from arts and crafts to yoga sessions at local studios.

On November 13th, the Westchester Chamber Symphony will be performing at Iona College. The concert will feature all Tchaikovsky music and will feature a Violin Concerto with a very beautiful solo. This is a concert you definitely won’t want to miss.

November 18th brings a live performance of Neil LaBute’s reasons to be pretty. Opening night is the 18th, but the play will run throughout the weekend, as well. The performance is sponsored by the Performing Arts Center, and this is a great way to get a night on the town for next to nothing. Admission is only $10 for the general public and $5 for pretty much anyone employed by or a student at Iona College.

On the 20th, you can enjoy new music and lyrics from local composers and writers at Iona. The performance is workshop style and is open to the public at noon. It’s a great way to spend a lunch hour!

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Winter Ice Skating for New Rochelle Kids

If your kids love to ice skate but you just don’t have time to take them all the time in the winter, why not sign them up for the New Rochelle ice skating program this January, February, and March? The program lets your kids get out on the ice once a week and try their hand – or feet! – at something fun and new.

Basically, your kids are picked up by trained supervising adults right after school on skating Fridays. They’ll ride to the ice rink with their friends, and then they’ll be let loose on the ice. These aren’t private skating lessons, so your kids will have to figure a lot of the skating thing out on their own. They are, however, an excellent way for your kids to learn a lot more about skating just by trying it out. Besides this, it’s just a really fun time for the kids. Maybe the adults can take off work an hour early and have a short date night, too.

After the skating escapades, the kids will be dropped back off at their schools at 5:45. Parents or guardians are required to pick the kids up at that point, and kids aren’t allowed to walk home from school, even if they usually do that. If you want, though, you can pick up your kids at the skating rink. You have to be there by 5:15, though, and you have to fill out a special permission slip in order to do this.

This skating experience is run through the city of New Rochelle, and it’s a great way for kids to have fun with their friends on the ice. The program is more affordable than taking your kids to the ice rink every week for a few months, and it’s totally supervised, too.

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What’s Happening at the New Rochelle Public Library this Fall?

There is always something going on in the library or the Library Green in downtown New Rochelle. In the fall, though, programs really start to pick up as school gets going. There are programs for all ages going on this fall, and they’re mainly free for New Rochelle residents.

One of the great things you can get in on at the library is classes on how to use computers and the Internet. Offered mainly on Friday mornings, these classes teach you everything from Internet basics to how to upload documents all in an hour and a half. If you’re struggling to use a computer or know someone who could use a little extra help, these are great classes to attend.

For the little ones, there are tons of classes at the library throughout the school year. Toddlers can enjoy a song and play time once a week before lunch. Parents are required to attend this program on Tuesday mornings. For older preschoolers, there are stories and crafts on Monday mornings. The library’s music and movement class for the tiny ones is so popular that there are three slots for it every Wednesday morning!

There’s plenty to do at the library for adults, too. If you’re feeling tense at work, use your lunch break to take a quick yoga class from 12:30 to 1:00 on Mondays. On Wednesdays, you can carry your brown bag lunch into the library and enjoy a book discussion to stimulate your mind after boring phone calls all day. You can also get more from your career by enrolling in the fall career exploration course. This eight week course meets Wednesday evenings and helps adults assess their career goals and needs and figure out what course to take for their futures.

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Head to the Farmer’s Market Before It’s Too Late!

If you love eating seasonal produce and supporting your local farmer, the New Rochelle farmer’s market is a way to satisfy both ends. At the farmer’s market, you’ll find tons of produce, as well as crafts, meat, milk products, and fresh flowers, from farmer’s who live in and around New Rochelle. It’s a great way to stock up on cooking supplies for the week ahead, and it can also be a fun family outing.

Every Friday morning of the summer and early fall, the farmer’s market sets up on the Library Green downtown. Bring your umbrella because all that home grown goodness will still be for sale if the weather gets a little nasty! You’ve got to get there soon, though, if you haven’t been yet this summer because the farmer’s market will have its last hurrah on the 19th of November. After that, you’ll have to wait all the way until next June to get your fresh local produce on the Library Green!

What are you likely to find at the farmer’s market this late in the season? Tons of fall produce, that’s for sure! Look for gourds and pumpkins for Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations. You can even ask the sellers how they like to prepare their produce in their own kitchens.

Plus, you can reap the fruits of summer’s harvest with a plethora of canned items, especially homemade jams and jellies. Stock up on these goodies for the winter so that you can bring out these jewels of summer past when the New York weather gets a little dreary.

If you’re a senior, you may be eligible for some farmer’s market coupons for special purchases! Check with the town organizers for details on this special service for senior citizens in New Rochelle.

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